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Pinelopi Gerasimou

Born in Greece in 1989. She Studied photography at the Akto Art and Design College in Greece. She continued her studies at the International Centre of Photography in New York. Currently living and working in Athens. She has been experimenting in Photography for about 7 years in different fields as professional and a Fine Art photographer. She has been participating in several group exhibitions in Greece, Istanbul New York and Italy.

Her artistic work pays tribute to what looks like a life outside of what we have been socialised to do over thousands of years of constructing civilisation — to settle in groups. In solitude, her subjects look like renegades from an ancient historical cult, burdened with uncertainty and the vulnerability of their journey. Each one of them is either blurred, camouflaged or non existent. Their power lies in the details of their hiding. Gerasimou’s photographs’ approach to detail is like an archeological dig—they slowly unfold into playgrounds for hypothetical scenarios.